Pomegranate Juice Increases Male Fertility

New Study Indicates Fertility Hope
By: SmartBrief

From: http://www.smartbrief.com/news/gma/storyDetails.jsp?issueid=6ABE387C-5E77-4831-81F4-844025842398&copyid=6BACC2AE-D8F7-4879-A6B3-BDBBBFC8D338&brief=gma&sb_code=rss&&campaign=rss
The regular intake of pomegranate juice helped improve sperm quality and mobility in male Wistar rats, a Turkish study found. “The results of this study demonstrated, for the first time, that daily consumption of PJ for seven weeks caused increased spermatogenic cell density, epididymal sperm concentration, sperm motility and decreased abnormal sperm rate related with decreased lipid peroxidation in male rats,” the researchers said. FoodNavigator (01/30)

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